Made In Hawaii Recap

We are so sorry we didn't post anything sooner but let's just say that getting ready and executing this last Made In Hawaii Festival has been a mad dash to the finish line.  

We hope you made it to our booth this year...We filled 3 booth spaces with Allison Izu, Ten Tomorrow, and Rumi Murakami.  We pretty much set up a mini version of our store, complete with fitting rooms, a cash wrap station, and bags of popcorn stashed around.  :) 

The weekend was insanely busy - we sold out of several styles from all brands.  We want to share a special thank you to everyone who came and supported us.  We really appreciate all the love & dedication our customers have for us and our brands.  We can only do what we do because of everyone out there shopping us :) 

Also, while we sold out of people's favorite styles, we are working NOW to bring them back in-stock so keep an eye out on IG or email to see when things are back on the floor! 

Thanks again for making this past weekend a major success for all of us! Hope to see you again soon...Visit Ten Tomorrow and Allison Izu in-store at The Collective!  Find Rumi Murakami right around the corner at Fishcake!