Be Our Valentine

In honor of the upcoming Valentines Day, our staff at The Collective put together a style blog on what they would wear on Feb 14th!  Each of us has a unique style and we are so proud to feature everyone in one post! If you ladies are looking for last minute outfits - we are celebrating Valentines Weekend with 25% off ALL dresses! Stop in for these looks and more!

Meet Carly - she is our design assistant.

She is an aspiring designer who hopes to create a line out of truly eco-friendly/sustainable fabrics.  She is also currently enrolling into a nursing program too!

Her dream Valentines date:  A romantic picnic at the Honolulu Contemporary Art Museum during the day and a low-key home cooked dinner at night. Sorry fellas, she's already taken ;)

Carly is wearing the Ten Tomorrow KORI Pleated Maxi in black (also available in ivory) $116


Most of you probably are familiar with our sweet Sarah :)  We decided she gets TWO outfits! She is Allison Izu's first mate, design assistant, marketing helper, and more hehe. We call her the little ninja because despite her friendly-but-shy exterior, she has a mysterious dark side that we love.  These two outfits best display her multi-faceted personality...AND she's under 5" so she's the perfect petite model! 

Sarah is wearing (LEFT): Allison Izu LAYLA Top in black (also in taupe and navy) $95 + Allison Izu double knit leggings $68.  (RIGHT): Ten Tomorrow ELLA One Shoulder Top in winter camo $108 + Allison Izu CEDAR ST. Pencil Skirt $112

Ok so you can hear her laugh from a mile away - she needs no introduction but here's ... Allison Izu herself.  

In true rebel tomboy form, her Valentines outfit consists of pants.  You will rarely catch this woman dressed girly anyway.  Try these cool pants if you want to show your hubby you love them to the moon and back :) They are also practical in case you need to chase after your kids during a fancy dinner? 

Allison is wearing: Allison Izu MARI Convertible Cardigan in taupe (available in other colors) $120 + Allison Izu WAIKIKI Skinny Pant in constellation print (available in other colors) $142.

This is our newest team member - allow us to introduce...Kari! She's our Production Manager; this means she knows the deets on both brands like what's coming out and when.  

She's one tough cookie.  She rides a bad-ass motorcycle and eventually wants to start her own moto-inspired clothing line!  She loves black, leather, and a lot of edge in her style. Did we mention she just got a dog? We wonder who will steal her heart more for Valentines... Dogs > Boys?? 

Kari is wearing: Ten Tomorrow SIENNA Asymmetrical Dress in black (available in charcoal and red). 

Enter some romantic song here?....Summer is the ONLY one who decided to not wear black!  In spirit of all things red for Valentines - she decided on this comfortable AND slimming dress. 

She is a self-proclaimed "t-shirt" kind of gal so what better way to stay stylish in this t-shirt-ish kind of dress?!  Not sure if it's the Asian influence but Summer loves this red color...She's also about balance so while red is typically viewed as flirty, the 3/4 sleeves showcase a demure side. 

Summer is wearing: Ten Tomorrow JORDAN Dress in red (available in charcoal and black).

Last but certainly not least - It's Mari! 

Mari is Ten Tomorrow's one-woman design team.  She somehow manages to accomplish all the daily fashion grind tasks in heels - EVERY DAY! She's our favorite person on the team for solving problems...Also, when she laughs real hard, she snorts. It's great. 

Give her delicious sushi + a bottle of sake to make her smile! She's definitely the sultry one in this outfit - looking sleek, stylish, and elegantly sexy. 

Mari is wearing: Ten Tomorrow BLAKE Blazer $172 + Allison Izu TANNA Dress in black (available in charcoal) $122